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Security doors of exceptional aesthetic.

Security doors can be wooden, modern or handmade, made by laminate or aluminium, with hidden hinge or rotated on axle, routered lines, glass and pressed aluminium./p>

Combining perfectly a variety of materials, our security doors can be applied to any modern or classic house. They fully adapt innovative design demands and they present special safety. Having exceptional fitting abilities, depending on the need of any user, they always characterized by their non negotiable quality and high technical specifications.

1 year Service guaranty

  • Modern Design

    Modern security doors with security glass and steady parts on top and by sides.
  • Aluminium

    Ecological doors made from aluminium.
  • With hidden hinge

    Security doors with hidden hinge and a variety of hardware investments.
  • Swinging on a pivot axis

    Security doors that swing on a pivot axis in a variety of coverings.
  • Laminate

    Security doors made from laminate.
  • Wooden

    Security doors made from solid wood or wooden panels in a variety of designs.


  • Door leaf with double armoring of electro-galvanised sheet metal.
  • Closed-type, self-supporting case, RAL 9005 electrostatic coating, grained black matt.
  • RAL 9005 grained black matt wood panel retaining profile.
  • Heavy duty hinges, silent, adjustable.
  • Small key. CISA lock with CISA ASTRAL rim cylinder, with 5 keys + 1 master key and ownership card.
  • Controlled opening mechanism./li>
  • Lock tongue latch.
  • Panoramic 180o peephole door viewer.
  • Automatic adjustable windshield.
  • Case perimeter rubber, insulating, anti-shock.
  • Cylinder protector.
  • HOPPE aluminum knob set in silver, gold or bronze.

Lock Points

  • 4 Central locking bolts.
  • 1 Lock tongue bolt.
  • 4 Lateral bolts, top & bottom.
  • 1 Vertical top bolt.
  • 1 Controlled opening bolt.
  • 5 Rear fixed bolts.


  • RC 3 burglary resistance certification
  • Thermal insulation capacity U 1.74W (m2k)
  • Air permeability CLASS 4
  • Water permeability CLASS 7A
  • Resistance to wind pressure CLASS C3

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About us

Ecologic.al Frame Technologies company specializes in Aluminium Systems having a 20 year old experience in the construction and retail market. Our goal is to provide innovative systems that contribute to energy saving.

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Exclusive Distribution

Historic exclusive distribution agreement of AVATON's pioneering minimal frame systems in Greece.


Patent award

Awarded Patent diploma from the Industrial Property Organization for the Innovation of AVATON Systems


new showroom

New Showroom for the innovative AVATON systems at 51 Vouliagmenis Ave., Glyfada.


ift rosenheim

German certifications of the IFT Rosenheim European Institute for AVATON systems.


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